Osteopathy for Sport


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Osteopathy for Sport

From casual keep fit to competitive sport, from amateur to professional, sports activities are a regular way of life for many people of all ages.

Osteopathy can help prevent injuries from occurring or assist in the preparation for an event.

Treating sports injuries

Many injuries are the result of overuse i.e. playing too hard and too often, not warming up or cooling down effectively during exercise.

The most suitable of a range of hands-on techniques will be used, with the aim of removing the stresses and strains in the affected area and restoring normal functioning, allowing you to continue your sporting activities.

Osteopathy can also help reduce the risk of injury through advice on a range of preventative measures such as warm-up/cool down exercises, frequency of activity, use of strapping and supports. The hands-on approach of osteopathy also enables improvement in joint mobility and a reduction in soft tissue restrictions, therefore improving function in affected areas.

Event preparation

Osteopathy can assist in your event preparation and training programme by minimising the risk of injury, maintaining healthy muscles and speeding up treatment of minor strains and sprains if they occur during training. Advice on suitable timescales for training, exercise and diet may also be provided.

Further information

Every circumstance is different, so for a consultation and advice on whether and how osteopathy can help you, assist your event preparation, or support your sports team or organisation, please contact us.